Proper White Winter

Winter naturally starts with continuous snow cover from the north of the country in November and can last as long as 5 months up to March. The thickness of the snow cover can reach 30 cm. The coldest month in Kazakhstan is January. The lowest temperatures are characteristic for the northeastern part where frosts can reach -54C while the southern temperatures are rare to fall lower than -30C.

When it comes to the Winter in Southern Kazakhstan, it can be snowy, but not severe. It is mild and pleasant. Average temperature in winter is -8C with a little snow or drizzle. But most of the time it is very warm in comparison to the north.

What to do in winter time:

The city Almaty turns into a prime travel destination for skiers, snowboarders and other winter sports lovers. It is a special time of the year in the city that has earned its spot among top winter destinations.

Shymbulak is the most famous alpine ski resort in the region. It is located at a height of 2,500 meters above sea level and only 16 miles from Almaty. The ski season lasts here from November until around May each year. English-speaking highly-qualified instructors are available during the season. Shymbulak is perfect for skiers and snowboarders that range from beginners to experts, as well as for anyone who loves snow and wants to spend quality time with their family and friends.

Colorful Spring

Spring comes as early as February to southern areas and then slowly makes its way through to the north. It takes 1 to 1,5 months for Spring to reach northern parts of Kazakhstan. You notice it from the work in the fields. While the south is getting on with spring planting, the north can still be covered with ice and can be having winter blizzards.

Spring in Southern Kazakhstan is a sight to behold as the meadows get covered with fresh grass, trees, flowers (tulips in particular) begin to bloom and fill the air with delightful aroma. This seems to energize the population after the winter months as the temperature rises to +20 +25C starting from April. An excellent season for outings in the countryside and participating in different events in the cities like picnics and festivals.

Sunny summer

Summer start in May in the south and can last for five months. The air temperature can go up to 38C in the north and 46C in the south with low humidity. You can experience strong winds and thunderstorms in early summer. The weather in the western steppes is mostly dry and hot, while it is very rainy and warm in the eastern plains.

The warmest month in Kazakhstan is July. The average July temperature is +19C in the north and +28C - +30C in the south.

Summer in Southern Kazakhstan is hot and sunny. You may have up to 7 rainy days at most over the summer months. The rest of the time you will enjoy blue cloudless sky and tender sun rays. Average temperature in summer fluctuates between +30 +40C. In summer we recommend to spend vacation somewhere in the mountains, near the rivers. The air is cooler and fresher and you will definitely enjoy the picturesque sights of nature in combination with trekking tours and horse riding.  

Sibеan lakes are located 85 km from the city Oskemen, 2 hours drive along an asphalt road. The path to the lakes is decorated with scenic landscape of granite mountain ranges. The lakes are accompanying tourist attraction that defines the Eastern direction. Sibеan lakes are a system of five lakes with the purest water, surrounded by granite mountains.

This tourist site is considered as an destination of ecological tourism. Tourists are given the opportunity to enjoy the amazing beauty of the five lakes, take a walk on foot and swim in June-August. On the opposite side of one of the lakes is a beach where tourists from all around the world can sunbathe in "natural conditions".

The ancient Buddhist monastery Ablaykit.

Not far from the western lake you can see the remains of the temple - Ablaykitsky monastery, which was built in 1654 by Abylay Khan and was destroyed during battles with the Dzungars. The monastery kept magnificent Tibetan manuscripts.

The science monastery has been known since 1720. It can be said without exaggeration that no other historical monument attracts such wide attention of the scientific community.

Golden Autumn

Autumn arrives by September and slowly spreads down towards the south. By October it is in full gear all over Kazakhstan. You will get more cloudy, rainy and windy days in most parts of Kazakhstan. Semi-desert zones will have the first freezing weathers in October. In the desert areas visitors might still have sunny, hot and dry weather in October and November. The autumn in the mountainous areas in Kazakhstan is rainy and misty with early snow falls.

As you can see the Kazakhstan climate has got all four components to enjoy the beauty of the nature.
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