Steppes and mountains of Kazakhstan create a unique landscape of the country.

Mountains in Kazakhstan contribute to the beauty of Kazakhstan nature and offer many opportunities for holidays and recreation, attracting many tourists every year.

Mangystau Mountains is situated in the eponymous peninsula of the Caspian Sea (Mangystau region). The composition of the mountain range includes: southern and northern ridges of Aktau (70 km), as well as western and eastern ridges of Kara-Tau (117 km). The highest point of Mangystau mountains is Besshoky (556 m). Another attraction of the ridge is Karagiye Hollow, depth of which is 132 m below sea level. Karagiye is the lowest point in Kazakhstan.

Saur-Tarbagatai is a mountain range consisting of two parts: Saur (located on the border of East-Kazakhstan region) and Tarbagatai (located 70 km south-east of the city Ayaguz). The length of the ridge Saur is 140 km. Here, the highest point is Mount Muztau (3,816 m). Siberian larches and firs, as well as the Tien-Shan spruces grow on the northern slopes of Saur. The total length of Tarbagatay is 250 km. The highest point of the ridge is Okpety (2,995 m). At the top of Tarbagatay originates river Urdzhar - one of the tributaries of Lake Sassyk-kul. Tarbagatai is a habitat of animals such as argali (mountain sheep), partridge, wolf and deer.

Zhungar Tau. Location: the eastern part of Kazakhstan (between the river Ili and lake Alakol - Almaty region). The total length of massif is about 400 km. Zhungar Tau occupies an intermediate position between the central Asian mountain system Tien Shan and the mountains of southern Siberia.

Tien-Shan mountain country is located in the south-eastern part of Kazakhstan (Almaty region). The territory of the republic covers almost the entire North, partly Western and Central Tien Shan. It should be noted that the Central Tien Shan is located on the border between China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The highest point of Kazakhstan is particularly in this part of the mountain - Khan-Tengri peak (6995 m).

Khan-Tengri Peak (translates as - "Lord of the Spirits") - one of the most beautiful peaks of the Central Tien Shan. Since ancient times, the mountain top which is crowned by a pyramid of marble, has been shrouded with legends. That is why, in addition to the official name - Khan-Tengri, the peak has a few more names - Tengritau (Mountain God), Kantau (Blood Mountain), etc.