Over six thousand types of plants grow in Kazakhstan, on its open country it is possible to meet about 500 kinds of birds, 178 kinds of animals, 49 kinds of reptiles, 12 kinds of amphibians, and in the rivers and lakes - 107 kinds of fishes.

A diversity of invertebrate animals is even more: there are more than thousand kinds of insects, while mollusks, worms, spiders, crustaceous and others living in Kazakhstan account for more than 30 thousand kinds.

Kazakhstan flora and fauna facts

Northern Kazakhstan consists of forest-steppe; south, in turn, is full of steppe, following with semi-deserts and sandy deserts with saxaul thickets. On slopes of mountains the coniferous woods are located.

The plateau Usturt of Kazakhstan, located between Caspian and Aral seas, is a slightly hilly deserted plain, faintly covered by a wormwood; only in widely widespread hollows are black saxauls. Unique beauty of a landscape is provided by steep benches - chinks. Western chink is especially picturesque, which height achieves 340 meters; the breakages, destroyed by a wind, accept him whimsical form.

Only in Kazakhstan live such rare animals as Transcaspian urial, long-needle hedgehog and some wild cats: caracal and desert cat. Here is a lot of slim goitred gazelles, deserted birds - black-tailed sand grouse, Pallas sand grouse, wheatear and larks.

The slopes of Northern Tien Shan are covered with fur-tree woods, and Western Tien Shan - with the low bushes and meadows; the gorges have apple- and nut-trees with woods, the tops are covered with eternal snows and glaciers.

Only here it is possible to meet fury ounce, Tien Shan brown bear, Siberian ibex, and from birds - famous lammergeyer, the scope of which wings reaches more than three meters, Snow cock (it calls also mountain turkey), snow vulture, griffon vulture, favorite of the Kazakh hunters - golden eagle, high-mountainous finches, chough and Alpine chough.

In the Altai mountains of Kazakhstan, covered with taiga woods you will meet a giant moose, beautiful maral, our smallest deer - musk deer, famous sable, chipmunk.