What you need to know about Go Nomads

What is this project about?

The Go Nomads program is looking for volunteers who will work as Teaching Assistants in Kazakhstani universities to help improve language skills of local students. It is seeking English native speakers who have experience in teaching English for foreigners.

Who is this program designed for?

For enthusiasts who like to teach and inspire youth, share life experience, broaden their perception of the world, for those who seek gratifying work and for those who happen to be interested in Central Asian, Turkic or Russian cultural and linguistic studies, this would be a great opportunity to extend their knowledge or gain new experience.

What are the main duties of a volunteer?

The volunteer will be assisting a professor in conducting English classes 4-5 hours per day and 5 days a week.

Should a volunteer do anything apart from being a TA?

Volunteer is welcome to organize extracurricular activities where s/he could share her/his culture, life experience, expertise in or knowledge of a particular subject with local students whilst enhancing learning of English language. Speaking clubs, discussion sessions and field trips are among common extracurricular activities of volunteers. These activities are included into 5 hours of work.

How long will it take?

Volunteers can work from 1 to 6 months.

Is visa needed to come to Kazakhstan?

Yes. Once a volunteer gets selected, university will prepare an invitation letter for visa application.

What will a host university provide?

Most host universities pay for roundtrip flight tickets. They also provide volunteers with accommodation. Generally, it is a single room in a dormitory on campus, with private bathroom and shared kitchen. Volunteer can cook her/his own food at the kitchen, although universities offer free meals 3 times per day at the university canteen for the entire duration of the program. Alternatively, universities can cover monthly food expenses.

Is it a paid work?

No and there is no pocket money.

What are the expenses?

Volunteers have to apply for visa on their own and pay the visa fee. They may have to cover their travel expenses.

How are candidates selected?

English language proficiency is key, but other factors such as personal qualifications, teaching experience, engagement in English teaching projects, community development or good cause initiatives, as well as mental and physical health may also influence the final decision.

What are the benefits?

Go Nomads gives volunteers a chance to do a job that is both fulfilling and challenging, the one that allows spreading knowledge and learning something new. It invites you to discover new places, meet new people and develop ties of lasting friendship. Kazakhstan is a very welcoming country, multilingual and multinational. Apart from its historical importance in developing connection between Central Asia and the rest of the world, Kazakhstan itself is a country with cutting-edge architecture and a place where Western and Eastern cultures melted into something versatile that unlikely to be experienced anywhere else in the world. Kazakhstan appears to be a country with very distinctive Turkic roots, which by itself is a very interesting combination, as certain cultural features happen to confuse and amuse a lot of anthropologists and historians. In addition to that, a shared history and close borders with Russia contributed a great part in shaping Kazakh culture that resulted into it being very close and at the same time very different to other Slavic cultures. Every volunteer who will visit Kazakhstan will have different experience and certainly would want to come here again.
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